The EcologicUrn urns funeral are completely ecological and biodegradable.

They are ecological, because all the materials they are made, do not alter the environment. Since it comes from cereals and vegetables and for this reason are totally bio.

       It is biodegradable because of its high degree of degradability. Since the EcologicUrn urns submerged in water, either at sea, in the river or a lake - in about 30 minutes they are completely decomposed, returning its components to the cycle of life.

       Similarly, if it were buried in the ground. Taking into account that being buried its decomposition was carried out between 1 and 3 months, as the moisture content thereof, and the amount of land to absorb rainfall during this period of time. So whatever choice of components that are composed always return to earth, at any time without disturbing the environment.

      In other EcologicUrn Polling is also designed to be placed in a columbarium, or be guarded in the home, without showing signs of degradation.